Best Pressure Washer for a Car Wash

Best Pressure Washer for a Car Wash

Purchasing a pressure washer is a lot like buying a cup of coffee, you can choose to ignore all the technicalities and hope for the best, or you can consider the finer details and be rewarded with the perfect machine for your application! This blog will discuss the range of machines we offer that would be most ideal for a Car Wash setup.

Essential Questions

Before you can even start looking at a pressure washer, there are a few questions that need to be answered first:

  1. How many cars will you be washing per day?
  2. Do you have access to a water source?
  3. Do you have single or three-phase power?

These questions are important for a number of reasons. The amount of traffic determines the size of the pump you will need, if you are in a high-traffic area then a larger, sturdier machine will be necessary. If you do not have access to a water source, then you may need to consider installing water tanks.

Our Top Choice - PWF 1515C

The PWF or Pressure Washer Floor is by far our most popular machine when it comes to car wash installations. The PWF 1515C is a 150 bar, 15 litres/min high-pressure washer that can come with either a floor stand as depicted above or mounted on the wall of your wash bay. Its design considers visual appeal, serviceability, and functionality. The pump, motor, and unloader are easily accessible via the front panel where the on/off switches are, allowing our technicians easy access for oil changes, general maintenance or repairs.

What makes this machine so fantastic for car washes is it’s customizability. Swing booms can be incorporated into the installation for safety reasons as well as visual appeal, optional foam kits are also available to streamline your car wash. Below is a video demonstrating the PWF in action.

Mobile Applications - PWSA/C

Cold Water Pressure Washer - PWSA MaPa Cleaning

CEMSA’s latest innovation is the revamp of their PWS model. A new, custom fiberglass frame gives it a striking visual appeal as well as enhanced safety for your operator. As with the PWF, the pump and unloader on this unit extends out the front of the machine to allow for easy access in terms of repair and maintenance. As an entry-level unit to our range of pressure washers, The PWS is ideal for car washes, and at the higher pump models low-volume truck washes. 

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