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Our Car Wash Division has been involved in the installation of literally hundreds of car wash equipment and systems for oil companies, car dealerships and privately run concerns around South Africa, and our car wash equipment is renowned for its reliability and value for money.

While we are able to supply all cleaning equipment and consumables necessary for your car wash business, we can refer you to a reliable builder, who you will deal with directly for your car wash installation for the actual structure and building requirements for the car wash site.This would include the supply of the concrete wash bay slab, drainage and oil/water separation unit, pump room and ancillary walling and paving as well as the actual structure of your choice.

We can advise and recommend the correct structure that would suit your particular car wash site.

We are able to offer the following car wash equipment for sale:

  • High Pressure Cleaners
  • Guns and Accessories
  • Vacuum Cleaners
  • Carpet Cleaners
  • Cleaning Chemicals and Consumables
  • Buckets, rags, paper towels, etc
  • High Pressure Spares and Accessories
  • Vacuum Cleaner Spares and Accessories
  • Car Cleaning Products
  • Workshop Service and Repairs Department!!


The power of the high pressure cleaner that you will be needing will depend on the amount of cars that your car wash will be washing per day.

There are many different high pressure machines available ranging from portable / mobile units to free standing and wall mounted high pressure washers, each with their own particular features and limitations.

Generally speaking, portable units are not recommended in a car wash application and are used when budget is the only consideration. This is because the limited features on this type of machine do not provide the same protective devices that are available on the free standing and wall mounted units.

One must consider that these devices are there to protect and extend the life of the cleaners working parts, improving reliability.

Our Car Wash Systems are designed to provide fast and efficient cleaning and will not damage sensitive surfaces when used correctly.

Nearly all car wash businesses these days use cold water machines as modern technology has produced some excellent cleaning detergents. These units are the most effective in this type of application. Hot water high pressure machines are however available.

Items such as overhead swingbooms and gun holders are available and are designed to give that professional finish to your car wash. The swing booms are available in both single and double format for use with wash and foam guns.

We also manufacture and package our own cleaning chemicals and cleaning products for the car wash industry. This includes tyre shine, car shampoo and shine, air fresheners, general degreaser, dash cream, car polish, as well as all the consumables you will need on a daily basis in your car wash – rags, paper towels, trolleys, chamois, buckets, etc.

We also have access to a network of car washes and can recommend a car wash for sale in your area.

We are cleaning material suppliers all round for the car wash industry. Everything you need to run a profitable car wash under one roof! And we deliver!

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