Auto Scrubbers to Clean Floors

Maintaining your Auto Scrubber

Does your Auto Scrubber keep breaking down? Are the repairs costing you an arm and a leg? Here are a few recommendations courtesy of Horton on how to maintain an asset as valuable as your Auto Scrubber.

The Do's & Dont's of your Auto Scrubber

Always charge your batteries to full

Floor Scrubber batteries come with a set amount of cycles. Whether the battery is charged to 50% and depleted, or 100% depleted, thats one cycle, so make the most of it!

Deplete your batteries completely

This ensures you get the most out of your cycles and will increase the longevity of your batteries.

Use the right sized extension cord

If your extensions cord is too small, then insufficient current will reach the motor, this could cause your motor to burn out.

Never use a high foaming chemical

The vacuum motor of your floor scrubber sits at the top of the dirty water tank, if a high foam chemicals is used it could reach the motor which could cause irreparable damage, forcing you to replace the motor completely. We recommend this chemical.

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