It is very important when you purchase a good quality high pressure washer for your car wash that you familiarize yourself with the machine, to minimize the likelihood of the machine breaking down and bringing your car wash to a screeching halt.

One of the common problems that occurs in a car wash, is the electric motor burning out in the high pressure cleaner and while there are numerous factors that can contribute to this, one of the more predominant reasons is the following.

When a high pressure cleaner is running, the electric motor gets extremely hot and is very painful to touch. This is of course because when there is heat, there is expansion.

In open car wash bays and any other installations where the units are outside and the humidity is not very high the expansion is not an issue.

However, if it rains excessively or the unit is in an enclosed wash bay, this is a problem.

The high pressure machine gathers moisture on it because the heat and the water create humidity. Now you have a very hot electric motor with moisture on it.

When you are finished washing cars the electric motor cools rapidly due to the fins on the motor dissipating the heat. This is called contraction. As this happens any moisture on the fan shaft gets pulled into the windings via the rotor. If the water pulled is not continuously topped up like in a high humidity zone, it eventually does dry up and there are no problems.

If however, there is continuous humidity it will start to pool on the connection cap that sits on top of the motor. It takes a very long time to develop one droplet. In fact, it only takes one droplet to land across two or three windings of the motor and the high pressure machine will get a dangerous dead short.

It is therefore recommended when installing a high pressure cleaner in your wash bay, not to place it at the end of the wash bay in an enclosed space.

Keep it out of the washbay, preferably in a separate room, away from the high pressure washing, or in a glass enclosure where the water cannot reach it.

Please have a look at the pictures attached to this article to see what we are suggesting.

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Written by:

Jason Rudman

Technical Manager CEMSA/MaPa Cleaning Technologies.

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