Carpet cleaners use a combination of a cleaning solution, powerful scrubbing brushes and a vacuum suction. The carpet cleaner injects the cleaning solution along with water deep into the carpet fibers, after which the brushes will agitate the chemical by scrubbing it, loosening the dirt and stains, where after the vacuum will suck up and lift the dirt and dust away.

Tips for using your carpet cleaner

Vacuum the carpet thoroughly before using the carpet cleaning machine. Depending on what type of carpet cleaner you have, either apply the chemical with a trigger spray bottle or via the spray function on the carpet cleaner, if that is an option. By applying the cleaning solution first, you help dissolve any oils and stains to ensure the final cleaning removes as much dirt as possible.

A carpet cleaner is made up of the following components:


This is the component that generates pressure used by the cleaner to inject the carpet with water.


The vacuum motor is responsible for extracting the cleaning solution and dirty water from the carpet and emptying it into an extraction tank. The power of the motor is usually measured in air flow and water lift. Air flow refers to the air movement through the cleaner, while water lift measures the vacuum’s suction strength.

Solution Tank

This is where the rinse water is held. Solutions tanks vary in size depending on the application the carpet cleaner is needed for.


A very common accessory for a carpet cleaner is a floor wand, which range in width, and might include one or two jets for dispensing as well as extracting fluids.

Cleaning and vacuum solution hoses also come in various lengths.

The MaPa range of carpet cleaners include:

  • GP 1/27 Ext
  • GS 1/33 Ext
  • Genius 650
  • GS 2/62 Ext

We also have a full range of optional accessories and full spares and accessories on hand to service any carpet cleaner purchased from us, or service your machine to minimize down time.

Not only do we have spares and accessories for all our carpet cleaners, but we also offer training on how to look after your machine, and clean it after each use, to ensure that it does not break down.

What cleaning solution should I use?

Along with the carpet cleaner we can also supply the chemical needed to clean the carpets.

Our Low Foam Carpet Shampoo comes in both 5 litres and 25 litres, and has been formulated for the effective breakdown and suspension for a variety of solids and dirt. This is a concentrated product containing various surface active agents which aids in the removal of smells, leaving a clean fresh smell that lasts for days. When used for spotting purposes it may be applied by a hand held spray.

For a demonstration on either one of our carpet cleaners or our MQD Low Foam Carpet Shampoo, give us a call on 0861 627 222 or email us an enquiry: