ESR is a new odorless chemistry for the market that provides a unique blend of performance and safety to both user and the environment. The product is specially formulated to achieve descaling behaviour of competing hydrochloric acid based descalers.

However, the active ingredient is substantially safer on equipment metals. ESR is ideal for stainless steel construction – eliminates the issue of localized corrosion/pitting caused by repeated use of hydrochloric acid.


ESR is formulated to remove scale, rust and other water deposits from cooling towers, evaporative condensers, hot water boilers, processing equipment and more. Scale affects the performance, efficiency and potentially the design of the equipment.

ESR is advantageous for descaling processing equipment (tanks and/or lines) of a stainless steel and /or aluminium construction.

ESR provides superior descaling capability, while having similar metal compatibility of phosphoric acid traditionally used in these applications.


  • Rapidly removes scale and rust
  • Significantly safer on metals than competing acid based descalers
  • Readily biodegradable
  • No toxic gases

This product is ideal for the cleaning of road rails as demonstrated in the pictures.

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