If you manage a car wash and purchase cleaning chemicals on a regular basis then price is most probably always the main reason, for which supplier you will buy your chemicals from.

Managing a successful car wash is hard work, and you want to keep your operating costs as low as possible, in order to take as much profit from the business as possible.

Taking the time to do some research into the manufacturers of car wash chemicals, is sometimes a good idea. How long has that business manufactured chemicals and what reputation do they have? Chemical manufacturers mix hundreds of tons of chemical everyday, and each recipe that is used – a “recipe” is what goes into the product – or the quantity of the ingredients,  as well as the manner in which the chemical is mixed, differs, thus the price is affected.

Even the premises where they are mixing their chemicals will affect the price and the quality of the chemical. Is it someone mixing in his garage, or is it a company with the correct mixing equipment?

You might get a 25 Litre of Super Wash and Wax, or Car Shampoo, at a ridiculously low price, but have you noticed that the product does not seem to last as long as it should?

Or that very cheap tyre shine that you bought has perhaps too much glycerine or too much water, and is leaving white marks on the tyres?

You also do not want to use a dash cream that leaves a sticky residue on the dash board.

Sometimes spending a little bit more per litre, will ensure that the product will go further, it will be a better quality product, and will ensure that the customer is happy with their car wash, and remain a life long customer because they know that you clean their car the best! They will tell their friends who will tell their friends, and will ensure that your car wash becomes known as the best car wash in town!

Buying cheap could also mean the product might damage the vehicle, or leave marks. Always ask the chemical manufacturer for samples and test the product before you start using it in your car wash business.

Here are the top 5 Points you should consider when looking for a chemical supplier:

  1. Have a look at their Facebook page and Website and read the Reviews on Google. It is important that a company interacts with complaints and deals with them in a professional manner. Perfect reviews are suspicious, as no company is perfect, and sometimes it can be the owner reviewing his own company. Check if the company responds to their reviews and cares about their customers.
  2. Do they deliver? If you order over a certain quantity, then some suppliers will deliver for free within a certain kilometre radius to their building. Plan your chemical order so that you only need to order every two weeks or once a month.
  3. Buy your chemicals in 25 litres or drums. If you are rolling cash and only buying when you need in 5 litres, then you are paying more over a longer period. You can always negotiate a better price if you order a bigger volume.
  4. Do they keep you informed of any changes in the prices of raw materials used to manufacture the chemicals? Is there a dedicated sales representative looking after your needs and ensuring you have the right chemical for your car wash? Do they follow up with you every few weeks to find out what chemicals you need to order, so that you don’t have to do it?
  5. Are you kept updated on the monthly specials and consumables that might be on sale? Your car wash also needs sponges, rags, squeegees, vacuum cleaners, upholstery cleaners… does the chemical manufacturer perhaps also sell all of this, so that you don’t have to drive around?

Running a car wash is a hands on business. By planning and eliminating the stress of ordering the chemicals, you are already well on your way to making a profit.

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We have sales consultants who will be happy to bring you samples of our car wash chemical range and give you the service that you deserve!

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