Truck Washing

MaPa Cleaning Technologies excels in installing and supplying Truck Wash Bays and Wash bay systems across Gauteng, we are trusted by oil companies, food processors, transport firms, and private entities.

Our renowned wash bay equipment guarantees reliability and value. We provide comprehensive cleaning solutions and offer efficient and reliable wash bay installations. 

Equip your truck wash bay with:

  • High Pressure Cleaners: Wall-mounted, free-standing, and spray nozzle systems
  • Guns and Accessories
  • Vacuum Cleaners
  • Carpet Cleaners
  • Cleaning Chemicals and Consumables
  • High Pressure Spares and Accessories
  • Vacuum Cleaner Spares and Accessories
  • Truck Wash High Pressure Washer
  • On-Road Technicians for Service and Repairs
Truck Wash High Pressure Washer
Truck Wash High Pressure Washer
Truck Wash High Pressure Washer
Truck Wash High Pressure Washer


Choosing the right high-pressure cleaner is crucial for your truck wash. Portable units, while budget-friendly, lack protective features found in free-standing and wall-mounted units, essential for enhancing reliability and longevity. Our Truck Wash Systems ensure fast and efficient cleaning without harming sensitive surfaces when used correctly.

We specialize in cold-water machines, ideal for modern cleaning detergents, while also offering hot water high-pressure options. Enhance your car and truck wash professionalism with overhead swing booms and gun holders, available in single and double formats.

Additionally, we manufacture and supply cleaning chemicals and products tailored to the truck and car wash industry, including tyre shine, car shampoo, air fresheners, degreasers, dash cream, and all essential consumables. Choose MaPa for a comprehensive truck wash solution.

“Complete Cleaning Equipment Solutions … and one company that brings it all together”

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