If you have a large warehouse or workshop floor, that is taking manpower, lots of brooms, mops and water, to sweep and wash, then perhaps it is time to invest in a floor scrubber, otherwise known as an auto scrubber, or ride on sweeper or a push sweeper.

Why buy the machine when you can rent it? By purchasing a floor scrubber, you will save money over the long term for the overall cost of the machine. We have a workshop department available 7 days a week to service the machine, on site, and we carry all the spares and accessories, and will provide training as many times as you need. We are just a phone call away to assist with your auto scrubber in the years to follow!


Why spend all this money on a floor scrubber and then it breaks within a year?! The same principle applies to an expensive piece of cleaning equipment as it would to a car: ensure your floor scrubber is kept clean and serviced regularly. All wearable parts must be checked and replaced whenever necessary, which will decrease the chance of the machine breaking down.

Here are our top 7 tips of do’s and don’ts of Auto Scrubbers from our Workshop Manager, Bongani:

  1. Always sweep the floor before you use the machine. Solid particles often get trapped in the vacuum pipes causing damage and reducing efficiency
  2. Only Low Foam Detergents allowed in auto scrubbers! The use of incorrect detergents can create foam in the recovery tank, resulting in damage to the machine’s motor. We recommend our Heavy Duty Auto Scrub which is low foam.
  3. BATTERY VERSION: Never charge the batteries unnecessarily. Avoid under or over charging. Run the batteries down to a reasonable level as indicated on the machine panel before you charge them again. Use the correct charger.
  4. CABLE VERSION: Ensure the cable and plug is in a good condition. Never use coiled extension leads or undersized power cables as this will result in fuses blowing.
  5. Washing out the recovery tank and in-tank filters with clean water at the end of the day will prevent bacteria build-up and bad odour from occurring and will improve the machine’s performance. Never wash an auto scrubber with a pressure washer! Water can penetrate the electrical compartment or motor.
  6. The squeegee blades can be inverted both back to front and left to right and therefore can be rotated up to 4 times. Giving maximum lifespan to this important part of the machine.
  7. Too much resistance from the floor surface, on the scrubber brush will result in the fuse blowing. Always check the scrubber brush is rotating with minimum resistance.

MaPa Cleaning Technologies import the IPC Gansow Floor Scrubber Range. We have over 20 years experience in our workshop and technical department on floor scrubbers and have a full technical back up support from the factory where the equipment is produced in Italy.

The range of floor scrubbers that we supply: