Scrubbing Pads and Sponges

Doodlebug Pad Black
Doodlebug Pad Blue
Doodlebug Pad Red
Doodlebug Pad White


325mm Black Pad
325mm Red Pad
325mm Blue Pad
325mm White Pad
400mm Black Pad
400mm Red Pad
400mm Blue Pad
400mm White Pad
425mm Black Pad
425mm Red Pad


425mm Blue Pad
425mm White Pad
450mm Black Pad
450mm Red Pad
450mm Blue Pad
450mm White Pad
500mm Black Pad
500mm Red Pad
500mm Blue Pad

500mm White Pad

Mightylok Pad Replacement Face 425mm


Potscourer Steel (36’s)

Sponge Scourer


Steelwool 500g

Mini Thinline Green Hand Pads (20 PKT)


Thinline Green Hand Pad (10 per pack)

General Purpose Hand Pads (Pack of 10)