Rental Solutions

MaPa Cleaning Technologies offer Long Term Rental Solutions for:

  • Auto Scrubbers
  • Pressure Washers
  • 3 Year Period Rental

Why rent instead of buy?

  • When cleaning is not your core business or when you require a larger fleet of cleaning machines for your cleaning company
  • To maintain the machine consistently
  • Qualified technicians on call
  • Capital outlay to purchase not available
  • Training is provided free of charge

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Floor Scrubber Drier Gaomei MaPa Cleaning Rental
Auto Scrubbers
PWP Petrol Pressure Washer MaPa Cleaning Rental
Autonomous High Pressure Washers
Cold Water Pressure Washer - PWSA MaPa Cleaning
High Pressure Washers
Single Disc Scrubbers
Pressure Washer Rental MaPa Cleaning

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