MSM0703 Low Pressure Washer Sanitiser 5 Microns

MSM0703 – 5 Micron Sanitizing Machine

For a lot of businesses such as hotels and schools, a backpack sanitiser is too small to meet the demand. Therefore, our sanitizing- misting machine is designed to cover large areas in a fraction of the time!

The MSM703 comes equipped with two lances which means that you can have two operators, and in turn double the efficiency. As a result of this the machine has a flow rate of 180 l/h and can run for up to 30 minutes before the 40 liter tank needs to be refilled.

Operating Pressurebar70
Flow ratel/min3
Power supplyPh-V-Hz/A1-230-50
Motor powerkW0,75
Motor pole / rpm4
Pump / head / pistonsplunger / brass / ceramic
Dimensions (LxWxH)cmTBA

Standard Equipment

CODE: H1FF00010-04CODE: 4012205000CODE: FITS08604CODE: CODE: HOSC23010
2 x 10 Metre 3/8 Bsp F –2 x MV925 High Pressure Gun2 x 1/2 – 1/4 Bsp Screw2 x 1 Metre Misting Lances c/wMisting Nozzle Head
3/8 Bsp F R1 1/4 High Pressure HoseJoint Brass Low Pressure1 x Nozzle 30 – Front
5 x Nozzle 20 – Sides

This machine works with San Quat Chemical – a disinfectant with a 12% total active purity. Apply via spray or normal diluted application.

San Quat - Ideal to sanitize in a sprayer

San Quat disinfecting chemical



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