High Pressure Machines

MaPa Cleaning Technologies sell the CEMSA high pressure cleaners imported from Italy – IPC Portotecnica, brand.

These high pressure washers range from household pressure cleaners to occasionally wash a car or a bicycle, or paving, to hot water machines that reach up to 140 degrees Celsius.

Depending on what you need it for, will depend on the type of high pressure machine you will be requiring, that is why we always recommend speaking to one of our Cleaning Equipment Specialists to ensure you get the right machine at the right price!

Our high pressure cleaner imported range includes both cold water and hot water high pressure cleaners.

We also have a workshop with  a full back up of spares and accessories for all our high pressure cleaners, and are able to come to site if your machine needs a service or has a breakdown.

Our motto is: “Complete Cleaning Equipment Solutions … and one company that brings it all together” – because, not only do we have the high pressure cleaners, the spares and accessories, but we also stock the cleaning chemicals you will need for your pressure cleaner!