Single Disc Floor Polisher

How To Use a Single Disc Floor Polisher/Scrubber

It’s important to learn how to use a single disc the right way, to avoid any accidents (expensive accidents), avoid breaking the machine, and get the most out of the machine – which of course is to give the floor a deep clean. These single disc machines are ideal to give a factory or workshop floor a deep clean however they are not the easiest machine to handle and requires some skill. 4 Quick Tips:
  1. Let the machine do the work
  2. Avoid twisting and awkward postures
  3. Weight over your feet – stand naturally and keep your back straight
  4. Wear safety shoes!
How to prepare to clean the floor with a single disc polisher:
  1. Dust, mop or vacuum the floor first, removing any obstacles
  2. Unwind and check the cord: Completely unwind the electric cords, check for any damage before plugging it in
  3. Be careful around water: Avoid using near any spills or liquid
  4. Adjust the single disc so that you are comfortable
How to use a Single Disc Floor Polisher
  1. Plug it in: Switch it on at the powerpoint after checking the machine first and clearing the area to be cleaned
  2. Turn it on: Press the safety button next to the hand trigger to start the machine, then grasp either of the triggers. The motor then engages the brush or pad holder. Do not force the trigger without releasing the safety button first, as it damages the safety release in the trigger mechanism
  3. Use the machine: Continue holding the trigger button
  4. Keep the machine level: Relax and concentrate on keeping the machine level, and when you’re comfortable, lift and lower the handle to achieve left and right movement
  5. Let go of the trigger if you lose control: The machine will stop immediately if you take your hands off of it
Final Tips
  • BE AWARE: Slip, trip and fall hazards exist when using these machine, so always be cautious.
  • PROPER STORAGE: Do not store other equipment or items on top of a single disc floor scrubber polisher
  • ELECTRICAL LEAD: Do not place the lead over your shoulder while the machine is in operation. Instead trail it behind you as you work your way across the floor area
  • DO NOT STRETCH THE POWER CABLE: Do not pull on the power cable
  • AVOID CERTAIN CHEMICALS: Floor-stripping chemicals, bleaches or solvents dispensed through the machines tank will cancel out the warranty!
  • AVOID RUNNING OVER THE CABLE: This will damage the cable or the machine
  • CHECK THE PAD IS SUITABLE FOR THE SURFACE: Ensure your specific machine, pad and chemicals are suitable for the floor surface
  • Contact MaPa Cleaning Technologies for a demonstration on the Single Disc Floor Scrubber!