Dust Tools

460mm Feather Duster
1840mm Feather Duster

Synthetic Feather Duster Long

Synthetic Feather Duster Head Only

22×1300 mm Vanish Handle

Sweeper Steel

400mm Plastic Split Frame
600mm Plastic Split Frame
800mm Plastic Split Frame
1000mm Plastic Split Frame

400mmx110mm Sani Simple Frame

400mm Acrylic Dust Mop
600mm Acrylic Dust Mop

40cm Standard Dust Mop
60cm Standard Dust Mop
80cm Standard Dust Mop
100cm Standard Dust Mop

430mm/17″ cm Cotton-Polyester Bonnet Mop

230mm Swivel Handle Pad Holder

235mm Hand Pad Holder

660x640x280 mm Fasty Dustbin and Broom
720x250x250 mm Fasty Dustbin and Broom

Outer Tube Brush