Check and Ball Valves

Check valves – To prevent any backflow before reaching the pump, a check valve is installed at the inlet of the pressure washer. Pressure washers also utilize check valves to allow enough water to pass through the manifold and pump to pressurize the water.

Ball valves – When automated washing systems are being used, ball valves can be used to shut off the flow of cleaning agents. As a result, it provides reliable sealing and continues to function even after long periods of inactivity. Moreover, some ball valves are suitable for high-pressure applications requiring small diameters.

RATED PRESSURE – 16 bar                                                                                          RATED TEMPRETURE – 60°C


RATED PRESSURE – 210 bar                                                                                  RATED TEMPRETURE – 80°C

BALL VALVE (Nickel Plated Brass)

RATED PRESSURE – 60 bar                                                                                    RATED TEMPRETURE – 95°C

RATED PRESSURE – 500 bar                                                                                RATED TEMPRETURE – 90°C

CHECK VALVE (Stainless Steel)

RATED PRESSURE – 29 bar                                                                                        RATED TEMPRETURE – 70°C