MaPa Cleaning Technologies is a leading cleaning equipment supplier to the Agricultural Industry; in particular chicken house cleaning equipment and various other cleaning solutions such as Tractor Cleaning, Pig farm Equipment and Misting Systems. 

Misting System installed at a chicken house, high pressure cleaner used to sanitise and clean a chicken coup.

Our range of cleaning equipment for the food, agriculture, poultry and farming industry consists of:

  • High Pressure Santizing Cleaners
  • High Pressure Misting systems for Poultry Houses
  • Mobile Pot Foaming High Pressure Cleaners
  • Single and multi point fixed installations for hot or cold water high pressure washing in hatcheries, broiler houses, abattoirs, dairies, workshops, etc.
  • Fixed Foaming and Washing Systems 
  • Fully stainless steel manual and retractable high and low pressure hose reels
  • Food grade high pressure hose
  • Stainless steel portable wall mounted foamers and sanitizers
  • Stainless steel foam lances
  • Stainless steel quick release couplers and nipples
  • Stainless steel rubber protected ball valves
  • RB65 Low Pressure wash down guns
  • Top of the range HACCP approved (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) colour coded hygiene brushware
  • Food grade rubber squeegees with less than 1% water absorption
  • Aluminium handles with robust connection to head with 65 kg bending strength
  • HACCP Mopping Units and buckets
  • Anti-bacterial Soap Dispensers
  • Cleaning chemicals

MaPa Cleaning Technologies are proud to be associated with big brands such as Rainbow and Alfa Chicks Kuikenplaas Brand, who invited us to video the cleaning of one of their customers chicken houses.

The Listeriosis outbreak that occurred in South Africa between the 1st January 2017 through to the 14th March 2018, greatly affected the food industry and highlighted how important it is to maintain strict anti-bacterial controls in any food manufacturing area

Agriculture Drain Cleaning Trailer MaPa Cleaning
Mobile Pressure Washer Chicken Battery MaPa Cleaning

How can you ensure that this does not happen again?

By ensuring that the cleaning equipment and materials are of the correct quality and standard, and educating the employees on correct hygiene standards and how important it is to maintain cleanliness and not contaminate with buckets, cloths, mops, etc.

Here, at MaPa Cleaning Technologies we are the experts when it comes to food hygiene, and we specialise in the correct cleaning equipment for the food industry, agriculture and poultry industry.

Proper hygiene measures need to always be maintained on the farm. Professional poultry operations run the risk of not being fully productive as a result of poor sanitation standards. Diseases can easily occur, but proper measures need to be put into place to avoid this. Maintaining excellent health of poultry flocks is the primary objective of any producer, since a healthy flock can be translated into a profitable flock.

Biosecurity on the poultry farm should be the highest priority for the farmer. Biosecurity is the efficient use of common sense hygiene procedures and products in preventing the adverse effects of a disease. Biosecurity is an essential component of a disease control programme in the poultry industry.

Our HACCP products are imported from Germany and are ISO certified and are also certified according to the food standard specifications in Europe. For these certifications please contact us directly.

Our Compressed Air Foamers

Our Stainless Steel Compressed Air Foamers are ideal for use in the Agricultural Sector such as:

  • Abattoirs
  • Poultry Houses
  • Livestock enclosures
  • Pack houses

Because you can dilute your sanitizing chemical exactly as needed!

All you require to run this amazing machine is a Max 6 Bar Air Compressor to charge it! Please contact us for more information or a demonstration on our cleaning products to ensure that your farm, or poultry farm, or abattoir, bakery or any food processing area, is compliant, so that the risk of a disease outbreak is significantly decreased!

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