About Us

Complete Cleaning Equipment Solutions... and one company that brings it all together!

Our Story

MaPa Cleaning Technologies is a company with a difference. Our name is exactly what you expect it to be, Ma and Pa, representing the founder Chris's wife Mandy and son, Paul. Founded way back in 1998, the company has been thriving for the past 23 years. With the help of his wife, Paul and his family members, as well as their staff provide cleaning solutions for any type of industry be it local car washes or industrial platinum mines.

Our range is quite extensive, which is why when people ask what we do, we always respond with the following: “If it has to do with cleaning, we supply it!” We pride ourselves on our fully equipped workshop that operates 365 days/ year to keep our customers and their businesses in tip-top shape.

If you have a cleaning challenge, feel free to visit our contact page and reach out to us, so we can find the solution.

Chris Dahl - Founder & Director
Paul Dahl - Director

Meet the Faces of MaPa!

When it comes to training our Staff, we don't cut corners.
Here's but a few of the people you'll meet while dealing with us.

Bianca Dahl

Operations & Sales Manager

Bianca and Paul have been married for 19 years.. After rejoining us 3 years ago she has successfully elevated the Sales team to new heights all while handling the marketing and day-to-day operations! She also ran the Comrades Marathon three times!

Bongani Maphukatha MaPa Cleaning

Bongani Maphukatha

Workshop Manager

As another Comrades runner, Bongani is one of our finest. He is our longest standing staff member with a whopping 23 years! Bongani is also the go to man for technical support and advice. Hence where our campaign Ask Bongani came from!

Wernu Photo

Wernu Schutte

Senior Bookkeeper

Wernu initially started out in Internal Sales and swiftly made his way into his current role thanks to his diligence and bookkeeping skills. Wernu is an essential asset to our accounts department.

Ryno Aspeling MaPa Cleaning

Ryno Aspeling

Repairs & Callout Manager

Does your machine need new oil? Maybe your unloader is making funny noises... Ryno is the man who coordinates all the behind-the-scenes action when it comes to our technicians . You can thank him for that quick-fix before your Saturday rush!

Sylvia Tladi MaPa Cleaning

Sylvia Tladi

Internal Sales Representative

After floating around as an assistant to our Sales team, Sylvia found her footing in our Internal Sales department thanks to her fantastic product knowledge and brilliant customer service. Her and Gezenno are a dynamic duo when it comes to walk-ins.

Gezenno McKenzie MaPa Cleaning

Gezenno McKenzie

Internal Sales Representative

Gezenno was initially hired as a Storesman. Shortly thereafter his perseverance and willingness to learn landed him in our Internal Sales department where his product knowledge and the ability to think on his feet keeps the wheels turning.

What Our Customers Have to Say...

Received perfect service. From quote to collection. No delays and no empty promises. Can definitely recommend MaPa for hassle free service with a friendly attitude. Thank you Sylvia 🙂
Monika Hartridge
Customer service is so amazing and so excellent I was so impressed keep it up guys
PK1 Projects
After working with them with a while after my last complaints I have decided to up my rating from 1 star to 3 stars. The reasons that they did not get a 4 or 5 star rating is purely because of the miscommunication between themselves and the customers. Overall a happy enough client with them.
Heinrich Rehder
I walked into Mapa to get some assistance on a small R250 part. The Owner spent over an hour with me testing the machine making sure it was correct. I asked why he had done this only to be told that customer service was their priority and the proof was in the pudding. This started a 6 year business relationship with the company whereby the ethics, pricing and service were at the best and most professional standard in any industry. When it comes to cleaning products and service Mapa is definitely the leader
Gary Lipchick