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Why is a 50 Hour Oil change so crucial for your high pressure washer?

Why is a 50 Hour Oil change so crucial for your high pressure washer?

It is absolutely essential that you change your high pressure washers’ pump oil after the first 50 hours of operation of the machine.

By changing the oil it helps flush out any manufacturing sediment that may have built up in the high pressure pump.

If you do not change the oil after the first 50 hours, the sediment will damage the bearings which could lead to pre-mature pump failure.

When you purchase a high pressure washer from MaPa, you will receive your 50 hour oil change for free, and it will automatically be scheduled with our technicians when you buy the high pressure machine – we offer this for free, as we know it will prolong the life of your high pressure washer.

What happens after my 50 Hours?

After the first 50 Hour Oil Change, it is recommended that you change your oil every 300-500 operational hours. Most of the sediment would have left the pump by now and the machine is all warmed up and ready to keep going for years!

Why is it important to regularly change the oil on a pump?

It is very important to change the oil and oil filter to minimize the amount of debris flowing through the pump. This harmful debris along with normal pump wear in high friction pumps causes an increase in wear and tear between bearings and moving parts.

Why is it important to have your high pressure washer serviced?

Just like you would look after your car, you should take care of your high pressure washer. If the pump and motor, and unloader, and high pressure guns, and high pressure hose ….. are not handled with care and maintained, then your machine will break down.

If there is a leak on the machine or the machine cavitate’s, it urgently needs to be serviced, to prevent any damage to the high pressure pump or motor, which will be much more costly than a service.

Have a look at one of our Technicians, attending to a 50 Hour Oil Change, on site, to see what is involved: